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Liz has had a lifelong interest in all things esoteric and holistic, having explored a wide range of teachings and belief systems over the years, and making many interesting discoveries about life and consciousness. She’s been a strict vegetarian for nearly 30 years, and tries to lead an ethical and heart-centred lifestyle wherever possible. Before launching the original version of this website in 2001, Liz co-owned and managed a little bookshop in Wirral for several years, selling, amongst other things, a wide range of Mind, Body, Spirit books, products and accessories. During her time in the shop, she organised regular MBS ‘taster’ workshops on a variety of topics, ran beginners meditation and spiritual development groups, and helped to develop the shop into a useful hub of holistic and spiritual information for local residents. This ultimately led to the idea of putting it all online, and so the North West Directory of Natural Healing was born! As well as developing the website as an online resource, Liz also organised several Mind, Body & Spirit Fairs in the Wirral, helping to showcase local MBS businesses, classes and groups in her local community. In recent years, Liz has personally explored a range of healing modalities and experienced some powerful spiritual/ personal development techniques. She has been attuned to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 2nd Degree, and trained in Magnified Healing. Liz has a son in his twenties, a talented guitarist who composes and plays beautiful ambient guitar music, suitable for relaxation and healing. You can hear a selection of these tracks on our ‘Treasure Chest’ page, here About Barry... Barry refers to himself as a “curious combination of artist, musician, teacher & commercial software programmer who incidentally or accidentally still has one foot in the real world & one firmly stuck in the twilight zone”   He’s an intuitive artist, website developer and talented perl programmer who spent many years living in Glastonbury, Somerset, where he created and ran the original ‘Isle of Avalon’ website. He was later responsible for programming and setting up the hugely popular online version of the Glastonbury Tarot, based on the deck by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma. Currently based in Worcester, Barry has continued to be influenced by his magical Glastonbury experiences and has in recent years designed several experimental and quirky personal development tools, in addition to his unique artwork for developing intuition. An experienced Dowser, Geomancer and Labyrinth Builder, Barry also co-created and built the Breemie Labyrinth in Scotland in 2005, which is one of the largest contemporary labyrinths in the British Isles. Barry maintains ongoing technical support and development for this website, not to mention his ongoing support for Liz with his wonderful warm wit and wisdom! About Us - Behind the Scenes... Hello and Welcome! The North West Directory of Natural Healing website is owned and managed by ‘Holistic Promotions’, an independent concern based in the North West UK. The original version of our site was first created way back in 2001, in response to a need for a local information hub in our Mind, Body, Spirit /Holistic Community. Over the years, the website has steadily evolved from a basic online directory for local complementary therapists, yoga classes and meditation groups, to a well visited and comprehensive MBS advertising resource for the whole of the North West UK, welcoming thousands of visitors each month. The day to day running and maintenance of the site is still personally managed now, as it was at the start, by its originator, Liz Caine, who currently resides in Wirral, Merseyside. Liz has lived and worked in the North West UK for most of her life, and has been involved with a variety of MBS activities over the years. That means she’s not only familiar with the geographical area our advertisers come from, but she also has a good awareness of the type of services they offer. This allows for a more personal and intuitive approach to running the site. (You can read more about Liz’s background below if you’re interested.) Liz has personally redesigned and upgraded the original website several times since the early days, and this, the latest version, was launched in 2013. Each page has been carefully and lovingly crafted in an attempt to produce a friendly and informative resource - a little different from the usual template/ blog style free websites that abound today. You won’t see any third party ads or flashing graphics popping up everywhere to interrupt your browsing either... the only adverts on this site are the listings in our directories, which is what they’re designed for.   Our 8 searchable directories are operated and managed via a bespoke content management system, especially written for this website by talented programmer Barry Hoon. (More about Barry below.) Liz believes that it’s important to help and support one another on the path we share, and she always does her best to assist with any problems you may encounter when advertising with us, especially if you’re not too pc literate, and you need little help adding or updating a listing on our site! Anyone who chooses to advertise with us, no matter whether they have a paid listing or a free one, is considered to be a valued member of our online community, and we like to think of them as part of our holistic family, not just someone with a listing. 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