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Advertising in our Courses, Workshops & Retreats Directory...   Many people come to our site looking for new things to learn or experience, and we’re keen to offer them a range of training options in holistic health & healing, and spiritual, psychic, personal development and related subjects. We also aim to include some retreats and breaks held in the North West UK or North Wales. Our Courses, Workshops & Retreats Directory is designed for organisations and individuals who offer some sort of regular training or retreat experiences all year round. This also includes online courses, or distant learning options. A listing in this directory can be beneficial because it can generate interest for you on an ongoing basis, whether or not you have any specific dates, term times or venues organised. Your listing (in which you can include a lot of background info about what you do) will also be reaching a receptive target audience, which includes our many visitors to the site and also our other advertisers, such as holistic practitioners wishing to expand their range of therapies and other skills. We actively promote the different aspects of our site via social networking, and this also includes drawing attention to any courses or workshop providers who advertise with us. What does a Listing in Courses, Workshops & Retreats include? You can include all of the following in your listing, which will be searchable by Type, Topic Range, and/or by County/Area: Your Business / College/ Organisation name The trainer or facilitator’s name(s) The Name of the person to contact Up to 4 Towns/ Locations where your Courses, Workshops or Retreats are held Titles of up to 6 of the Courses/ Workshops/ Retreats you offer Trainer/ Facilitator profile of up to 100 words Up to 500 more words to describe your Courses, Workshops or Retreats Contact Details - phone, mobile, email address (spam protected) as applicable Your website address, to which we automatically include a link. You can also add forthcoming dates, times, venues and prices of your courses, workshops or retreats within your 500 word profile, which you can update whenever you need to. What does it Cost for all of this? A 12 month Listing in our Courses, Workshops & Retreats Directory, in up to 4 Topic Categories of your choice, costs just £30, (paid annually in advance). Alternatively, if it suits your budget better, you can set up monthly payments of £3  per month via PayPal, for as long as you wish. (no minimum term). This does work out slightly more over a 12 month period than the annual listing. Renewal of annual listings is optional - all payments are processed by PayPal, and we don’t see or hold onto any card details or automatically renew your listing. Towards the end of each year that you advertise with us, we’ll email you to remind you that your listing is due to expire. You then have the option to renew it, or just let it expire without being renewed, in which case we’ll cancel your listing at the end of the advertising period. How are these listings displayed in the Directory? Listings are initially displayed in a shortened version, showing your name or the name of your organisation/ college, what you offer (eg. Courses & Workshops), the county area and the towns where your courses, workshops or retreats are held, and the general topic ranges you’ve chosen. Each listing can then be expanded by clicking the ‘More’ link at the side of your listing, to see the full page version, which includes the rest of your information, and contact details. To see a live version of how details are displayed in listings, Click Here to visit our Courses, Workshops & Retreats Directory, then try a sample search. What if I/ We need to Update or Amend my/ our Listing? You can make changes to your listing details at any time, with no restrictions, and at no extra charge. You don’t need to create an account either, as you can login to each listing you have with us independently, to update anything as required. When you join our directory, we’ll send you an Entry Reference & Unique Password, with which you can log in and access your listing to make any changes. We’ll email instructions to you, and you can also find guidance on the Update Listing page. I’d like to Advertise... How do I send in my Details for a Listing..? To get started, please to go to the Courses, Workshops & Retreats Form  (You’ll find lots of help and hints on there to help you fill it in easily, and to make sure you get the most out of your listing with us. Don’t forget, if you’re not happy with what you’ve written after your listing has gone live, you can change it later if you need to, once you have your Entry Reference and Password.) Once you’ve completed and submitted the form, you’ll be directed through to our secure payment facility at PayPal, where you can safely pay for your listing online. Your details will be checked and approved by us before they go live on the website, and we’ll notify you when they’re available to view (usually the same day, or next working day, depending on when you submit the form). If you select the annual payment option (£30), you can pay using either your PayPal account if you have one, or if not, most credit or debit cards are accepted. If you opt for monthly payments (£3 per month), you’ll need to set up a new PayPal account if you don’t already have one, in order to create a monthly payment profile. This allows PayPal to then take the regular payments from your bank on our behalf, similar to a standing order. You’ll then be able to manage your account on the PayPal website, and you always have the option to cancel your recurring payments at any time. (A PayPal account isn’t necessary for the Annual Listing Option.) Further Advertising Options... If you only run occasional short Courses, Workshops, Weekend Retreats etc., you can add them Free to our North West Events Diary  You may find it beneficial to use the Diary in addition to your paid listing, because you can then add new course or workshop dates to the diary as you organise them.. Please note that the Events Diary can only include sessions of 1-3 days in duration, and the listings are automatically deleted once the dates have completed. Advertising - Courses, Workshops, Retreats... You can Advertise in either:   ‘Courses & Workshops’ or  ‘Retreats & Breaks’   in up to 4 of the following Topic Categories: Holistic & Alternative Therapies Counselling & Talking Therapies Reiki & Healing Skills Health & Wellbeing Healthy Diet & Nutrition Meditation & Relaxation Yoga or Tai Chi Spiritual Development    Personal Development Psychic Skills     Divination Skills Chakras, Auras & Energy Work Angels, Masters & Guides   Law of Attraction Dreamwork   Channelling Paranormal Investigation Past Lives    Arts, Crafts & Creative Skills Environment & Nature  Dowsing & Geomancy   Pagan & Wiccan Arts    Sweat Lodge Shamanic Skills MORE North West UK Holistic Therapy & Healing Courses  NEEDED! 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