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Information about therapies shown in our Therapists’ Directory is for general interest and guidance only, and is not intended to replace professional healthcare advice. Although a basic guide to each therapy is included for reference, we do not offer a general information service, and are unable to answer inquiries about specific therapies, health conditions, or recommend any types of treatment etc.  If you need further information about any therapies or healing modalities, please contact the relevant listed practitioners, or the therapy specific Associations, Councils or Regulatory bodies - most of which you will find listed on our Useful Contacts page. The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit meaning 'Wheel of Light.' The chakras are the etheric power centres of the body, and can be likened to spinning vortexes that open or close like a flower. They have the ability to absorb, receive and transmit life force energy both into and out of the body. There are many hundreds of minor chakras located around the body, but the most commonly known and worked with are the seven major chakras, which are situated along the central column in front of the spine, from its base, to the top of the head. Each chakra is represented by a colour of the rainbow spectrum, and each is associated with different spiritual and emotional characteristics, as well as physical functions and parts of the body.   The seven main chakras are: Root/ Base chakra (red) - at the base of the spine Sacral Chakra (orange) - just below the navel Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) - just above the navel Heart Chakra (green) - centre of the chest Throat Chakra (blue) - base of the throat Brow/ Third Eye Chakra (indigo) - centre of the forehead Crown Chakra (violet) - located at the top of the head and considered to be the centre of consciousness. As the Chakras absorb and filter energy into our bodies, we can easily be affected if we encounter negative energy in our environment, or from the people around us. This may cause us to develop negative thoughts and feelings of our own, and our system starts to get out of balance. If we do nothing to correct this process, eventually the chakra system starts to close down, preventing the life force energy from flowing properly, and in time, physical or emotional illness can result. This can be likened to a once flowing healthy stream turning into a still, stagnant pond. Therefore, keeping the chakras balanced and in optimum condition, can not only help to restore health, but can also help protect us from the negative effects of harmful energy. A chakra balancing practitioner understands that each chakra corresponds to a certain frequency or vibration, and will use a variety of tools to bring the chakras back into their normal state - ie. spinning in complete balance, with the energy flowing freely. These may include colour, crystals, essential oils or vibratory essences, light, sound or touch, all or any of which stimulate the senses, and ultimately balance the system. Regular Chakra Balancing can have a very positive effect on our lives, by improving physical and emotional health and helping to maintain a regular feeling of well being. To Search for a Chakra Balancing practitioner in the North West, please go to our Holistic Therapists’ Directory Listings Our Therapists’ Directory covers these North West areas:  Cumbria, Lancashire, Gtr Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Wirral & North Wales. You may also like to try: Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy, Crystal Therapy Find Chakra Balancing Practitioners in the North West UK: