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Meditation, when practised regularly, can help us quieten our busy minds, let go of negative thought patterns and maintain a sense of inner peace and balance in our everyday lives. Meditation techniques vary, and the classes listed in our directory offer something to suit most people - from the absolute beginner to the more experienced practitioner. Many people find it easier to meditate in a group rather than alone, so even if you already know how to meditate, there are groups available where you can just go along and meditate together for mutual support and meeting like minded people. It isn’t necessary to follow a specific spiritual or religious path to join a meditation class or group, and most of those listed are open to all. Find Meditation Classes & Groups Spiritual & Psychic Development Spiritual Development involves a process of becoming self aware, recognising that we’re more than just our 3-Dimensional human bodies. Teachings are often influenced by the wisdom of the world’s great spiritual teachers and masters, past and present, who act as ‘way showers’ to guide and inspire those following behind. In learning more about ourselves and our relationship with each other and the Universal Source, we can start to acknowledge who we really are, why we’re experiencing things in our lives, learn to live more in the present moment, and see our world from a different perspective - as a creator of our own reality, rather than a victim of circumstances. Psychic Development is about recognising and developing our psychic ability... ‘seeing’, ‘hearing’ or ‘feeling’ things outside of our 5 physical senses. Many people find that their natural psychic ability is enhanced as they develop spiritually, and teachers often combine spiritual and psychic development in their class content. Topics covered can include: self awareness, ascension work, spiritualism, mediumship, channelling, working with angels, guides and ascended masters, the elemental kingdom, crystals, healing, energy work, psychic protection, chakras, auras, dreamwork, divination, and more.. Find Spiritual & Psychic Development Classes & Groups    Personal Development & Well Being Personal Development also increases self awareness, and offers ways to improve our mental and emotional well being, but unlike spiritual development, doesn’t necessarily involve recognising a higher power or divine source. Personal Development & Well Being classes or groups can include a range of content to help with the life issues we all face from time to time, such as dealing with stress, coping with difficult situations or harmful relationships, assertiveness, building confidence and self esteem, overcoming addictions, releasing negative thought patterns, healthy eating and weight loss, and more. By looking at ourselves honestly with the support of a teacher and others with similar experiences, we can learn to improve all areas of our life, trust our own inner guidance, and learn to make decisions that are right for us, that benefit our wellbeing. Find Personal Development & Well Being Classes & Groups Reiki Shares & Healing If you’ve been attuned to Reiki or trained in other types of healing  and you’re looking for like minded people to share and practise your skills with, you can use this directory to search for Reiki Shares or other healing groups in your area. These listings are for share and support groups for healers only - if you’re not a healer yourself and are looking for a healing practitioner for your own needs or for someone else, please see our Holistic Therapists’ Directory. Find Reiki Shares & other Healing Support Groups Classes & Groups Directory Planetary Healing.. Together we can make a difference... To join in, just set aside 10 minutes or more of your time each Sunday morning  between 10am - 11am, and meditate on a peaceful future for our precious planet.. Namaste This directory includes Classes or Groups offering: Meditation Spiritual & Psychic Development Personal Development & Wellbeing Reiki/ Healing Share & Support Looking for Inspiring Events or Workshops? Click Here to visit our North West EVENTS DIARY Disclaimer: Our Classes and Groups Directory is designed to provide advertising space where Organisations and Individual Teachers & Facilitators can promote regular Classes, Groups or Spiritual Meetings online. Whilst we try to maintain a good standard of listings on our site, the fact that a Class or Group is advertised in this directory, does not imply any personal or professional endorsement by us (Holistic Promotions). The details you see on display in each listing have been accepted in good faith, and we accept no responsibility in the event of any individual or organisation failing to fulfil their obligations to you in terms of what is offered in their class or group listing. Sorry, but we don’t hold, and cannot give out, details of other Classes, Groups or regular meetings that are not advertised on this site, so please don’t contact us to ask! 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There are also groups where you can just go to meet like minded souls, share healing and experiences, or listen to different speakers on various enlightening topics. Whether you’re just starting to explore the options, or are ready for the next step on your path of self development, our Classes & Groups section includes a wide choice of listings in the following categories: