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Courses for adults can vary, ranging from Full or Part-Time college courses, to flexible weekend workshops, or Home Study &  Correspondence Courses, which allow you to study at a time and pace to suit your lifestyle. As well as the large training institutions such as colleges and universities, many courses are also offered by individuals, who love to pass on their knowledge and skills to others. Individual trainers & facilitators tend to run shorter courses or workshops lasting one or two days, which are easier to commit to than a longer course, if your time is limited. Find Holistic Therapy & Healing Courses Workshops... A typical workshop usually involves a small group of people getting together in an informal setting, and can vary in the level of training involved - some are designed for personal interest and development only, whilst others can be complete training in their own right, leading to certification and/or, as in the case of Reiki and some other types of healing, attunements. Attending workshops can be useful if you'd like to try something new, but don't want to commit yourself to a long period of study. They can provide you with a short 'taster' of a subject, giving you a better idea of what is involved, and if it feels right for you. Workshops are available in a huge range of subjects, with something to suit all tastes and budgets. They can vary in length, with some just lasting an hour or so, some lasting one day, and others taking place over two to three days. Many Mind Body Spirit fairs also incorporate a range of short talks and workshops as part of their event, and these offer a good opportunity to learn about several topics in one day. Find Holistic & Spiritual Workshops Retreats... Spending time at a Retreat in tranquil surroundings, can give you the opportunity to get away from or ‘retreat’ from the stresses of daily living for a while, allowing you the space to relax, reflect, meditate and bring yourself back to wholeness. There are many types of retreats or themed short breaks available. Some focus on specific practices, such as Yoga or Meditation, others may involve  developing new skills or levels of awareness, whilst others just offer you the chance to enjoy peace and solitude, vegetarian food or share time with like- minded people. Retreats usually include accommodation or camping facilities, and are held in locations chosen for their tranquil surroundings. Sometimes non-residential options are also offered, for people who prefer to organise their own accommodation, or live close to the venue. Find Holistic & Spiritual Retreats & Breaks Also Visit:  North West Events Diary to find short Courses, Retreats, Talks, regular Workshops, plus Mind, Body Spirit Fairs that include workshops etc. Courses, Workshops & Retreats Directory Disclaimer: Our Courses, Workshops and Retreats Directory is designed to provide advertising space where Colleges, Organisations, Individual Facilitators and Trainers can promote their Courses, Workshops or Retreats online. Whilst we try to maintain a good standard of listings on our site, the fact that an organisation or individual’s services are advertised in this directory, does not imply any personal or professional endorsement by us (Holistic Promotions). The details you see on display in each listing have been accepted in good faith, and we accept no responsibility in the event of any individual trainer or organisation failing to fulfil their obligations to you in terms of training offered, awarding of qualifications etc., or any other criteria relating to the details they have advertised on this site. When enquiring about courses or workshops that offer training towards qualifications, it is in your own interests to verify that the advertised trainer’s background, qualifications and experience are genuine, before starting a programme of training, and also that any professional level qualifications or accreditation you hope to attain are legitimate. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of training you embark on, you should contact the relevant regulating body for that therapy or subject you’re studying, for advice, most of which can be found on the internet. We provide a list of many of these therapy & healing organisations on this website, on our Useful Contacts page. Sorry, but we don’t hold, and cannot give out, details of other Courses, Workshops or Retreats that are not advertised on this site, so please don’t contact us to ask! New listings are added regularly, so please check the directory again at a later date, or visit our North West Events Diary to see if there’s anything suitable there. Welcome to our Courses, Workshops & Retreats Directory... If you’re looking for a change of direction, a new career, or you’d just like to expand your skill base, this directory is a good place to start looking for Courses and Workshops. Listings include training in Holistic Therapies, Reiki, Healing, Spiritual, Personal & Psychic Development and related subjects. The Directory can also be used to search for North West Retreats & Breaks. Search  for NORTH WEST HOLISTIC/MBS COURSES & WORKSHOPS SEARCH  for NORTH WEST RETREATS & BREAKS “Be still. 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