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An Introductory Guide to Holistic Dance Styles Search  for NORTH WEST Holistic DANCE CLASSES Dance of any type is generally regarded as a healthy and uplifting activity, which can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The styles of dance listed on this website however, offer a more holistic approach - with the aim of uniting mind, body and soul through music and movement. In many cultures throughout history, dance has been regarded an integral part of spiritual and religious practice - used to celebrate, invoke, worship, or connect to a higher source, or divine energy. Dance has also played a major role in sacred ceremonies and rituals to acknowledge our place in nature, reflecting the passing of the seasons, the moon cycles, planting times, harvests and other significant events. Today, sacred dance in various forms is growing in popularity. For women especially, it can offer a path to greater self awareness, empowerment and freedom, as they learn to express their own 'inner goddess'. Types of dance classes listed on this site include... Belly Dance Originating in the Middle East, this is an expressive and sociable way to exercise that can be enjoyed by women of all ages. It is a low impact form of exercise which allows the body to move naturally, and its gentle repetitive movements can be very beneficial in strengthening the lower back and hips, as well as relieving stress and tension. The artistic and flowing techniques can also help to build self esteem and confidence, allowing a new sense of freedom, gracefulness and sensual expression to emerge. Circle Dance Circle Dance is based on the ancient traditional dances, used by many cultures as a way of acknowledging significant events and strengthening the community. Modern circle dance classes may include a range of traditional dances from many countries, including eastern Europe, the Middle East and Russia. Participation involves rythmic dancing in a circle, usually holding the hand of each person next to you, and anyone can join in, no partners are required. Classes can be gentle and meditative, or lively and energetic, but the aim is to develop a sense of unity in movement with others, in response to the music. Nia The Nia technique incorporates a blend of martial arts, such as Tai Chi, with a range of Dance arts, Yoga and Healing arts. It is a complete cardiovascular workout that aims to integrate the mind and emotions with the physical body. Nia encourages you to listen to your body and respond to what it needs - so that you modify the speed and type of movements to suit your own fitness level. Classes aim to leave you feeling fully recharged and rejuvenated, and the techniques can be adapted to suit any level of ability. If you'd like to find out more about any of these classes or dance techniques, please refer to the listings and contact the class instructors directly. 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