Find Complementary, Alternative & Holistic Healing Practitioners in the North West, plus info on therapies and more..... Find Holistic & Spiritual Courses, Workshops or Retreats in the North West. Find local Classes & Goups offering Meditation, Spiritual/Psychic/Personal Development, or Reiki/ Healing share groups... Find Classes in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, BellyDance, Nia, Circle Dance and more... Find a range of useful Services, Products & Classes for parents and children... Find MBS/ Holistic Products & Services in your area... Look for the latest upcoming MBS Events, Workshops, Talks, Demonstrations, Courses, Retreats and more... Find available Therapy Rooms & other venues for Hire... A page to explore...! Find out about our great value listing options - everything you need to know about advertising with us! Click Here if you need to Get in Touch! How to get the most from your online listing with us! You may be an experienced user of internet technology and comfortable with promoting yourself online, but we know there are still many people who have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the new era of online networking! Either way, we want you to feel relaxed, safe and confident when you advertise on our site, so we’ve put together a few friendly hints and tips to help create a beneficial experience for you... 1) Decide which category you’d like to advertise in... It’s useful to have a look at the listing categories that interest you, to see how details are displayed, and which would be the most suitable to promote what you do. Also consider the budget you have available.. our advertising fees are very reasonable, but with some listings you have the option to pay monthly, if it suits you better, or you may be able to pay for a few month at a time instead of for a year. Some of our listing categories are free to advertise in, but the amount information you can include may be limited. If you haven’t already been there, you’ll find full details of all available listing options on our ‘Advertising Options page (see Menu left) 2) Fill in the relevant form with your details... This is the first step to getting your details up onto the website. Set aside a reasonable amount of time so that you’re able to fill the form at your own pace and think about what you need to say, without feeling rushed. Each section of the site has a different form to fill in, with specific fields relating to the type of listing offered in each category, so you can easily see which information you need to include for the type of listing you have chosen. Please take care that you enter the correct details asked for in each field, because your directory listing is generated from the information you submit - this allows certain details in your final listing to be included in the on-site search facilities which visitors will use to find you. 3) Writing your profile... With each type of listing, in addition to basic contact details we give you a generous word allowance to write about yourself and/or what you are offering e.g. therapies, healing, class or course content, descriptions of products and services etc. This is the important bit, that should be used to tempt potential clients, customers, or participants to get in touch with you to find out more! It’s worthwhile therefore, to be as descriptive as possible when explaining what you do... if you only include a basic one line comment because you’re short of time, you’re less likely to get inquiries than the next person on the page who writes a lengthy and interesting profile with background information and descriptions of their services or products. You may find it useful to compose your profile first in a word processing program, then copy and paste it into the form. If you need to change anything later, you will be able to access your listing at any time to make necessary amendments or updates. (See Updating your Listing below) 4) How to Update or Amend your listing... You can make changes to your listing details at any time, by accessing our online listing editor. When you first register, we’ll send you a unique Entry Reference Number and password, which you can enter into the Listing Update Editor login page to access your details. Just make the necessary changes and save them, and your listing will shortly be updated on the website - subject to to *checking and approval by us first. There is no restriction on the number of updates you can make to your listing, and there is no additional charge for this.   *(We try to maintain high quality and easily readable listings on our site, so we may make some minor adjustments to the layout of your details if we feel it’s necessary, to make sure they’re displayed correctly and easy to read and understand by our visitors.) Paying for your Listing... At the end of each form, you’ll find the payment options available to pay for your listing. Whilst we prefer online payments, in certain circumstances we will accept a cheque. For instance, if you strongly object to paying online, or are unable to use the payment facility due to technical problems. All online payments are processed securely by PayPal, which is a widely used and trusted payment processor - we don’t see or hold any of your financial details. When you submit your form on our site, you will be directed to our payment page at PayPal, where you have the option to either use your PayPal account if you have one, or if not, most credit or debit cards are accepted. You also have the option to sign up to create a new PayPal account if you wish to do so, which you then have for future use, but this is not essential if you’d rather use your debit or credit card at the time. You can still use the online payment facility without having a Paypal account. Things to Remember when filling in any of our forms: Firstly, read carefully what you need to put in each field - we’ve included additional info next to each box, to help you at each step of the way, so please take the time to read this as you fill in your details. Please don’t use all BLOCK CAPITALS to fill in the form (or for that matter, when writing an email or on-line message posting). This can be irritating and off putting for people reading through your listing on the website, because it’s generally considered bad ‘netiquette’ and indicates that YOU’RE SHOUTING! So however amazing you think your work is, save the shouting about it for the rooftops, not for web listings or emails! Please ensure that you enter your email address correctly on the form and also your website url if applicable. We find advertisers often enter the wrong ending on these. eg. .com instead of, so check you have entered the correct ending on your email address before you submit the form.   We need a valid email address to contact you and confirm your listing submission, and it also needs to be correct for interested visitors to contact you. (Please note that Email addresses in listings are all displayed in a protected format that prevents them being harvested and used for spamming purposes, so it’s fine to include one in your listing.) Finally... Don’t panic if you click the submit button then realise you missed off something important or made a mistake in your details - you’ll have the opportunity to access your listing and correct anything as soon as it’s gone live. Also remember, there’s a human being managing this site, whom you can always contact if you’re not sure what to do, or need a bit of friendly support! Listing Help and Advice for Advertisers... New Advertising Regulations for Holistic Health Practitioners Click here  for Important Info.. To Advertise on our Website you need to be based in any of the following regions of the North West UK: Cumbria, Lancashire, Gtr Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Wirral or North Wales. Already Advertise with us? 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