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By entering and submitting information on any of our online advertising forms, which may describe yourself, your business, your organisation, your classes or other services, and may include personal contact details for enquires, you are deemed to have given your permission for those details to be publicly advertised on our website in the directory corresponding to the form you submit. Email addresses displayed in listings are protected within a script that makes it difficult for  robot software to collect them for spamming purposes. However, because they are displayed for public use, we cannot prevent them from being manually copied , and we are therefore not responsible for any resulting negative use of the email addresses which our advertisers have agreed can be displayed in their listings. If you provide us with, or email us from (either directly or via the Contact form on this site), a different email address to your publicly advertised email address, you do so at your own discretion. We will only use this for as long as necessary, i.e. to reply to your enquiry, to fulfil a request for information, or to send renewal reminders or confirmation of advertising to that email address, with your permission. We never sell, rent or pass on email addresses to third parties, and if you are an advertiser, we only use an email address you have given us in connection with your listing, ie. to send renewal reminders, update confirmation etc., to inform you of any changes to our services or send you our monthly newsletter. (see below) New (Jan 2014): We now sent out a monthly e-newsletter to anyone who has a currently active listing on our website. Once your details are added to the site, you will receive a newsletter about once a month only. This is sent to the email address you included on the form you submitted for the purpose of advertising in one of our directories. Our newsletters contain useful hints, tips and information about how to use our site to best advantage, plus other items deemed to be of interest and benefit to our advertisers. Subject matter may include forthcoming advertised events from our Events Diary, marketing tips or other promotional opportunities, suggestions to increase income, news from around the holistic world, and other appropriate information, depending on the month and the general theme of the newsletter. Upon receipt of the newsletter, you have the option to easily unsubscribe from receiving it at any time, and you will only receive it as long as you are a currently active advertiser on our site - once you stop advertising with us, the newsletters will no longer be sent to you. If you take out a paid listing with us, any online payments that you make for initial and subsequent periods of advertising, will be processed securely by PayPal, an internationally recognised and secure online payment processor. We do not see or hold any of your financial information. However, once you have left our site by clicking on any of the the PayPal Payment buttons, you will be directed to the PayPal website, which is independent of Holistic Promotions, and you are then governed by the terms and privacy policy of PayPal, which you are advised to read. Once your agreed paid advertising period has expired, and has not been renewed by the expiry date, your advertised details will be hidden from public view on the website. However we will safely retain them for a maximum of 2 weeks, to allow you to re-advertise the same details after the expiry date, without the need to fill in and submit a form again, if you wish to then renew your advertising period. If a listing has not been renewed within that 2 week period, the details from that listing will be deleted from our database, and will have to be resubmitted if you wish to advertise them again. If you request that we remove your details from public display because you no longer wish to continue advertising those details, we will do so immediately, or at the end of the advertising period you have paid for, whichever applies at the time, and they will then be deleted from our database. If your details are advertised on this site in any of the free listing categories, we will only keep your publicly advertised details in our database for as long as they are displayed on the site. Because free listings (except for Events Diary listings) are not subject to any time limit, we endeavour to make regular checks with the original advertiser, to make sure listings are still required and up to date. If any appear to become invalid or an advertiser cannot be reached to update a listing, those details will be removed from display and deleted from the database. For General Users We have tried where possible to avoid the use of cookies on this website. We do not include any third party advertisements, sponsored links, referral programmes, or animated banner adverts etc., on our pages, so this site does not include any third party cookies that can track your browsing habits for an external source. We have also avoided the use of first party cookies, so you should be able to use this website perfectly well even if your browser is set to block cookies. We use basic tracking technology (web analysis software) based on server logs, to analyse how visitors use our site. No personal information is collected in this process, but it allows us to see basic statistics such as how many visitors view our pages, which pages are visited the most often, which browser type and operating system are most used and the country of origin users visit from. This is to help us see which areas of the site work best, and which areas we can improve on. We also record on our server the number of times visitors click on our advertisers' listings, from which we can analyse the most or least popular categories or areas of use, to improve our service for current and future advertisers. Clicks recorded in this way are anonymous, and do not in any way identify a user of our site. If you email us through us through our Contact form, you do so voluntarily, at your own discretion. 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