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An Introductory Guide to Tai Chi & Qigong Search  for NORTH WEST TAI CHI CLASSES TAI CHI, sometimes spelled 'T'ai Chi' or 'Taiji', and also referred to as 'Tai Chi Chuan' or 'Taijiquan', is a form of holistic exercise that originates from Taoism, an ancient Chinese belief system. The practice of Tai Chi follows the understanding of how energy works in and around the body. Based on the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine, it supports the belief that we all have energy pathways (meridians) within the body, through which the life force energy 'Qi' or 'Chi' flows. For optimum health, this energy should be in perfect balance - the Yin and the Yang. Any imbalances present can cause disruption in our energy systems, which may eventually lead to ill health. Regular practice of Tai Chi, with it's flowing movement, breathing techniques and focus of the mind, helps to keep this 'Chi' flowing smoothly, and maintain balance in both mind and body. Practising Tai Chi can be beneficial at many levels, physically, mentally and spiritually, and people of all ages and physical ability can participate to some degree. Many people practise just for the health and relaxation benefits, whilst others prefer the mental discipline and self defence aspects of martial arts training. The martial applications of Tai Chi Chuan also use the system of energy balancing, and students learn to recognise and respond to either the Yin or Yang moves used by their opponents, as appropriate. Teachers vary in their interpretation of Tai Chi styles - some cover the whole spectrum, including martial arts and weapons applications, whilst others focus more on developing the health benefits, perhaps concentrating on the Hand Form and gentle meditative techniques. The Hand Form is probably the most familiar style of Tai Chi, and widely practised around the world today, especially in China. The Tai Chi movements, postures and mental techniques help to improve physical balance, strengthen the muscles and keep the mind alert, relaxed and calm. The movement and deep breathing also stimulate the central nervous system, improve circulation and benefit all the organs of the body, all of which can lead to improved health and wellbeing. Some forms of Tai Chi are more energetic than others, so if you're not sure which type of class will suit you, please read the class profiles in the listings or contact any of your local instructors.. QIGONG (also seen as 'Chi Kung' or 'Chi Gung'), is not as widely known in the West as Tai Chi, but is based on similar principles and can be easier to learn over a shorter period of time. They both involve working with and manipulating the internal life force energy, or 'qi', to bring about balance, but where Tai Chi has its origins in martial arts practice, Qigong is predominately practised for its health benefits - and can be used as a powerful self healing tool. Tai Chi is essentially a moving form of Qigong, but differs in the way the energy is worked with, the use of posture and in the breathing techniques. Qigong can be thought of as 'moving meditation', using posture, flowing movement and deep breathing techniques to develop an awareness of the mind and body, to bring the internal energy into balance. There are many styles taught, with techniques accessible to people of all ages, including those with limited mobility. Some types are designed to be practised on a daily basis to maintain general health, whilst others can be used therapeutically as self healing techniques, to target specific health problems. Qigong has been scientifically tested and proven to have many health benefits, such as lowering high blood pressure, improving the immune system, increasing mental capacity, and delaying the onset of age related conditions. Where Tai Chi has many subtle and long forms - which may take many years to learn properly, Qigong tends to use repetition of the same moves in short sequences, so it can be learned in a relatively short time. Some Tai Chi classes teach short Tai Chi forms in this way, which is known as 'Tai Chi Qigong.' To gain the full benefits of practising Tai Chi or Qigong, it is better in the first instance to learn from a trained master/teacher, as both practices incorporate subtle techniques that cannot be shown properly in a book or on DVD. If you'd like to know more about Qigong or are not sure which type of class would be best for you, please refer to the class listings or contact any of your locally listed Qigong teachers for further details. 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