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Introductory Note: We have always had for the most part, good relationships with our advertisers, past and present - we try and work in a heart-centred way, aiming to resolve any problems amicably, and most people accept that we are working for the good of the community. However, experience has shown us that sadly some people, even in the field of natural health, wellbeing and spirituality, think life is always a battle they have to win, or think they're entitled to something for nothing, without acknowledging the hard work, technical expertise and patience that goes into producing a service such as this. Therefore the terms below may appear to have a more formal tone than we would normally use, but unfortunately they are necessary to protect our interests in the rare event that any negative issues may arise.  We’re always open to listen to any ideas, grievances or problems you may encounter whilst using our website and our wish is for you to be happy, content and comfortable with our services at all times! Advertising & Site Terms & Conditions... Advertising Terms & Conditions All advertising terms and conditions stated below apply for the full duration of time an advertiser's details remain on our website, and also any interim periods where details are still in our control but temporarily hidden from view, pending renewal/ extending the advertising period for a further term. New Listings/ First Time Advertisers Paid Listing Options - Pay in Advance Paid Listing Options - Pay Monthly Renewal / Extending the Advertising Period of Paid Listings Cancellation/ Removal of Listing (paid options) Free Listing Options - Advertising Terms Updating your Listing - Paid and Free listing options 1. New Listings/ First Time Advertisers a. By submitting your details through any of the listing forms on this site, you agree to those details (except for any fields where stated that are not for public viewing), being displayed on this website, 'The North West Directory of Natural Healing' ( You agree that the details you have entered for the purpose of promoting your services, classes, events or products, are then available for public viewing on our website via the internet from anywhere worldwide, and as such, we have no control over how members of the public browsing and viewing the site use that information. b. We reserve the right to refuse or reject any submitted details, if we consider them to be untrue, misleading, offensive, inappropriate, or not in keeping with the general ethos of our site. Likewise, we reserve the right to reject any submitted details (or remove a listing from the website if applicable), if we subsequently receive any abusive, overly negative or intimidating behaviour on the part of the relevant advertiser. This applies to any type of listing, whether a paid option has been selected or otherwise. Our decision to reject or remove a listing if we feel any of our advertising terms and conditions have been breached, is final. If we decide that an advertiser's details cannot be accepted and a payment has already been made, we will aim to refund that payment to the advertiser as soon as possible. c. Attempting to use a free listing option on our site to advertise additional services or products, where a paid listing option is available for that purpose, is not acceptable. If we feel you are deliberately taking advantage of a free listing option to promote further business interests, we may remove reference to those other interests from your listing, or ask you to do so by amending your details to a more acceptable version for the advertising category you have selected. (Unlike commercial directories, we don't have the benefit of external third party advertisements bringing in revenue to our site, and we try and work in a mutually supportive role within our North West holistic/ spiritual community. We therefore hope you will respect that by supporting us financially where possible, in exchange for our time, efforts and costs involved in running this site.) d. We strive to maintain high quality, up to date, and clearly readable listings on this site. When you advertise with us, you agree to your details being displayed in the format and order set out by us as shown in each type of listing. Your details will have to be approved and accepted by us before they can be viewed on the website, and we reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the layout of your details, so they appear tidy and easy to read in the final online version. (ie. We don't alter the actual information you want to include in your listing, but if we consider it necessary, we may add additional line spaces, split up large blocks of text, adjust punctuation etc., so that the end result looks professional and clear to our visitors.) This is as much for your benefit as for visitors to our site, as it enhances the reader's experience whilst browsing our listings, and they are more likely to continue reading your advertised details if they are displayed clearly. e. Email addresses in listings are displayed on our site in a protected format where possible, to help prevent them being electronically harvested for mass marketing purposes (spamming). However, as with any area in the public domain where contact details are advertised, we are not responsible for any unwanted communication that may arise as a result of your email address or other contact details being on display. Back to Top 2. Paid Listing Options - Pay in Advance: a. Where there is an advertising fee payable, the payment applicable to the length of advertising period you select on the form is required in advance, and your details will not be published on the website until your payment for the first advertising period has been processed. Processed means that we have had notification from PayPal that you have made a successful online transaction, or where applicable, that we have received your cheque in the post. If you pay by cheque, we will process your listing details and put them on display the same day your cheque arrives, before it is presented to the bank. If that cheque is subsequently not honoured, we will remove the listing from display and ask for an alternate method of payment, if you wish to continue advertising with us.  b. The fee you pay for each advertising period includes an amount for the checking, processing (and minor editing if required) of your submitted details, plus hosting your details on our website for the time selected, the facility to access and update your details during that time, and any administrative processes/ correspondence considered necessary by us for the duration your listing is on display. c. All our online payments are handled securely by our payment processor, PayPal, and we do not see, hold or process any of your financial details. When using the online payment facility to pay for advertising on our site, it is not necessary to have, or to sign up for, a PayPal account if you don't wish to (except for the monthly payment option available in the Courses, Workshops & Retreats section - see 4c below). PayPal accepts most credit or debit cards in addition to the use of their account facility. Back to Top 3. Paid Listing Options - Pay Monthly (only applicable to advertising in 'Courses, Workshops & Retreats') a. If you select the monthly payment option to pay for your listing (where offered), you are required to have, or sign up for (if you don't already have one), a PayPal account, so that you can manage your payments online and cancel them if and when you need to. A recurring payment profile is set up relating to the advertising category you have chosen, and the monthly fee is taken from your account on or around the same date each month. (It is free and relatively easy to sign up for a PayPal account, and once you have one, you can quickly pay for other services on the internet that accept PayPal, a facility that is widely available in the UK and worldwide.) b. The payment you make each month covers you for one month's advertising at a time, with each monthly advertising period ending and beginning on the same date each month, corresponding with the date your listing first went on display. (The starting date of your first and each subsequent monthly advertising period may be one or more days later than your actual payment date each month.) c. If you pay monthly and wish to cancel your listing, you can do so by emailing us, and we'll remove your details from the website, either immediately if you request that, or at the end of the monthly advertising period you have paid for, if applicable. You can also instruct us to cancel your monthly payment profile with PayPal, or, if you prefer, you can do it yourself via your PayPal account options. If you cancel your monthly payments with PayPal without letting us know, or we receive notification from PayPal that an attempt to take a regular payment not been successful, we will first of all try and contact you, to confirm you no longer wish to advertise with us. If we are unable to get in touch with you, or you fail to respond, we will remove your listing from the website immediately. (For terms, conditions and privacy policy relating to the personal/ financial details collected whilst on the PayPal website, please refer to PayPal's own site info.) General Site Terms: Copyright Issues: All content and software used on this site is copyright protected and either owned by or licensed to Holistic Promotions. You may not copy or duplicate any of the site content for commercial purposes or for publication elsewhere without permission. If you are an advertiser on our site, you may not copy or duplicate any of the listings, including those containing your own details, for use on any other website or online publication, if you intend to display those details in the same or very similar layout to that used for listings on this website. Accessibility of Services: We may change or discontinue any category, facility or service on this site at any time, where we consider it necessary to do so. We may also encounter technical issues both under and beyond our control from time to time, which may cause the site to be temporarily unavailable - we cannot guarantee the site being available 24/7 on the Internet. We may need to interrupt our services occasionally to perform essential operational tasks, but we endeavour to use all possible means to limit technical issues and to maintain user access to the site for the maximum time possible. In the event of any brief suspension of our services that render the site inaccessible, we are not liable for any consequential losses to any of our advertisers, that may arise through the disruption of our services. However in the unlikely event of there being significant 'down time' (of more than 12 hours), we may consider offering the advertiser additional free days advertising time or equivalent credit, to compensate for any potential missed opportunity to attract clients/ customers, if we are requested to do so. 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