Find Complementary, Alternative & Holistic Healing Practitioners in the North West, plus info on therapies and more..... Find Holistic & Spiritual Courses, Workshops or Retreats in the North West. Find local Classes & Goups offering Meditation, Spiritual/Psychic/Personal Development, or Reiki/ Healing share groups... Find Classes in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, BellyDance, Nia, Circle Dance and more... Find a range of useful Services, Products & Classes for parents and children... Find MBS/ Holistic Products & Services in your area... Look for the latest upcoming MBS Events, Workshops, Talks, Demonstrations, Courses, Retreats and more... Find available Therapy Rooms & other venues for Hire... A page to explore...! Find out about our great value listing options - everything you need to know about advertising with us! Click Here if you need to Get in Touch! How to Update or Renew your Directory Listing... Quick Links How do I Update my Listing Details? If you need to update or amend anything in your listing(s), you can access your advertised details at any time, day or night. To do this, you’ll need to log in to your listing using the Entry Reference & Password* that you were provided with when your listing was first added. *(You can usually find these in previous emails we’ve sent you, but if you’ve lost them, you can request them again here.) Once logged in, your listing details will already be displayed on the screen, ready for you to make any necessary amendments. You can then Preview the changes you’ve made, and either go back and Re-Edit them, or if you’re happy with those changes, you should click the ‘Save Changes’ button at the end of the preview page. (If you also need to Renew your listing now, please see below.) Once your updates have been saved, we’ll check and process them and you’ll shortly see them in your live listing in the directory. A confirmation email will be sent to you each time you update anything in your listing, but if you don’t appear to receive these emails in your Inbox, please also check your Junk/Spam folder. Where do I go to Log In? You’ll find the Update Editor links to the various directories on this site below. Please make sure you log into the specific directory in which your listing is displayed.  Important: If you have more than one listing on the site, for example, one in the Therapists Directory and one in our North West Events Diary, you’ll have been given a different Entry Reference and Password for each listing - please take care to use the correct set of login details for the actual listing you wish to update. If you wish to make changes to multiple listings, you’ll need to log in and update each one separately, in turn. About Us Advertising Options Update your Listing Listing Help & Advice Contact Us Find Holistic Therapist & Healers Find Meditation Classes & Groups Find Development Groups Find Yoga & Holistic Exercise Classes Find Courses, Workshops & Retreats Therapy Organisations Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Site Map Home For security reasons, you will always be notified immediately by email when changes are made to your details, and the new details will not automatically show up in the live version of your listing - they have to be checked and accepted by us first. That means in the unlikely event that someone else manages to access your listing and make unauthorised changes, you can always let us know that you didn’t make or authorise such changes and stop them appearing in your listing. Likewise, if changes are made to your details that we think look obviously out of place, or deliberately malicious, we’ll query this with you, and your currently advertised details will be perfectly safe and unaffected. What if I need to Renew my Listing now? If you’ve received a renewal reminder (or you know your current advertising period is near expiry), and you’d like to Renew your listing for a further period, you can use the update editor system to update and renew your listing at the same time. Alternatively, if you don’t need to make any changes to your details at the moment, you can just use the editor to view and check your current details and renew the listing only. You’ll then be directed to our secure online payment facility at PayPal, to complete the payment process. Can I Upgrade or Downgrade my listing using the Update Editors? Yes, in the directories where this option is available, you can also change your listing status in the Update Editor, as follows: The Therapist’s Update Editor allows you to select a second County/Area to be listed under for search purposes, for an additional £10 a year. If you already include 2 Areas in your Therapy listing, you can also downgrade back to a standard listing which includes a single county/ area if you wish to. The Holistic Exercise Class Update Editor allows you to upgrade to a paid class listing if you wish, from a basic free version, for £10 a year. If you already have a paid listing and don’t wish to renew for a further year, you also have the option to downgrade to a free version. The Courses, Workshops & Retreats Update Editor allows you to change your payment frequency.. if your yearly listing is due to expire, you can switch to a monthly payment option if you wish, and if you already pay monthly, you can switch to paying for a full year in advance at any time. All the Listing Update Editors allow you to simply renew, upgrade or downgrade your listing where applicable, without having to make any changes to your advertised listing details. Summary of Terms & Conditions that apply when Updating/ Amending Advertised Details (Applicable to both Paid and Free listing options): Whenever you make a change to your published details, we reserve the right to check and approve those changes and make any minor adjustments if necessary, in the same manner that we treat new listings, to maintain the quality and layout of listings for our visitors. We reserve the right to remove (or request that you remove), any details you add to your original listing at any time that cause it to be inappropriate, misleading or otherwise not acceptable for advertising in the section of the website in which your listing is displayed. Whilst all changes to listings are monitored by us and care is taken to only accept authorised updates or amendments, which we believe to be made by or on behalf of the advertiser, we are not liable for any incorrect information that may inadvertently be displayed in any listing for any period of time, or any circumstances that arise from incorrect details being advertised in that listing. Lost your Listing Login Details? If you have lost or think you never received Login details for a listing, you can request them again  HERE For the Inexperienced Online Advertiser... a little extra help! Listing Help & Advice North West Events Diary  Add an Event Holistic Market Place Holistic Parenting Therapy Rooms & Venues Renewing/ Extending  your Advertising: Want to pay for more, or less time? In our directories where 3, 6 & 12 month options are available, ie: Holistic Parenting Holistic Market Place Venue Hire Directory can renew for the same amount of time, or opt for a shorter or longer advertising period than the one you have currently, if applicable. Renewal Tip: You can Renew an annual listing up to a month before it expires, whether you’ve had a reminder or not. Protecting your Listing Details... Regular Advertisers: If you advertise in more than one section of the site, or you regularly update listings in our Events Diary, you may find it useful to bookmark this page  (add to Favourites) so that you can quickly get to the update login panels when you need to update something. Select the Directory in which you need to Update a Listing... Holistic Therapists’ Directory >> Click Here (Paid Listings) North West Events Diary >> Click Here (Free Listings) Holistic Exercise Class Directory >> Click Here (Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong & Holistic Dance Classes - Free & Paid Listings) Classes & Groups Directory >> Click Here (Meditation Classes, Spiritual & Psychic Development, Personal Development & Wellbeing classes/groups, Reiki Shares - Free Listings) Holistic Parenting Directory >> Click Here (Paid Listings) Holistic Market Place >> Click Here (Paid Listings only - MBS Products & Services) Courses, Workshops & Retreats Directory >> Click Here (Paid Yearly/ Monthly Listings) Venue Hire Directory >> Click Here (Paid Listings)